Dear Friends,

Introducing our  line of locally handcrafted in small batches  Soy  Lotion Candles !!!

Our candles are made with all natural  soy wax.....

no blends, no additives.
We only used  wicks  that are lead and zinc free,

100% cotton.
Fragrances  are phthalate free and infused with

essential oils.
We never add any colors, hardeners, additives,

or stabilizers to our product.
We take a great pride in our craft .
Our goal is to make natural, delicious scented luxury candles at an affordable price.

Our enthusiasm for candles started as a hobby and became Coastal Candle.

Also, our Handcrafted Soy Candles you can

use as a Lotion .

After Soy Candle melt , the  warm soy oil  you can use as a moisturizing  body lotion. The warm soy oil is easily and softly  absorbed into the skin.

Your cuticles, hands, feet, elbows, knees,any dry places on your body will feel soft and nourished.

Just Try It!!!!

You Will  Love It!!!!